Businesses across the country have been reeling in this economic downturn we find ourselves in, and apparently even the “WWL” isn’t immune to the climate. According to Broadcasting & Cable, ESPN plans to cut over 100 jobs in the coming months, from PAs all the way up to execs….

Disney’s ESPN is the latest media outfit to go forward with a restructuring, as the cable giant will shed around 100 positions in a shift previously predicted by chief George Bodenheimer.

The network released the following statement to B&C Wednesday evening: “Most of the jobs are being repurposed in support of initiatives which will more effectively grow our company, and our headcount number, ultimately, will remain consistent with current levels.”

The jobs cut are expected to be across a wide variety of levels, from production assistants up to executive roles, according to sources with knowledge of the company’s plans.

Back in January, the network said it would be making cost-reduction moves in line with much of the media world as a result of the slumping economy, including a hiring freeze for the remainder of 2009 and a reduction of as many as 200 open jobs.

Well that’s depressing. The latest news was that ESPN/Disney was one of the few companies turning a profit, but I guess no one is safe these days. I would personally rather see ESPN keep some PAs, and get rid of some of the pointless “talent” (*ahem* Skip Bayless!), but who am I to tell them what to do?

ESPN Goes Forward With Restructuring Plans (Broadcasting & Cable)

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