Now I understand the gimmicks of LL Cool J and Lil Wayne coming on the network to talk their favorite teams, and to promote albums. But bringing on 50 Cent to talk shop, for seemingly no reason at all, is beyond infuriating. Now if Curtis Jackson was at ESPN “The Weekend”, joking around with Skip Bayless and Jemele on the set of First Take, I’d let it slide. But no….the “Leader” randomly brought on the rapper onto ESPN News to promote his new video game and talk steroids. Here is the clip….

Why in the hell would they put him on ESPN News?! That just makes me angry. Why even call it ESPN “News”? Every time you think that ESPN is taking some steps back to its roots, they take two gigantic leaps back with stunts like this. I fully expect MTV to be bought by Disney within the next ten years, and our regular ESPN programming to be relegated to ESPN2. It’s just a matter of time.

At long last, 50 Cent addresses controversies of the sports world (The Sports Hernia)

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