On the surface, the matchups on Sunday seemed like they would carry the ratings for both Fox and CBS, but the numbers are out and that was definitely not the case. Every single game was down from 2007, with the highlight being an over twenty-one percent drop for the Cardinals-Panthers slot. Here are the numbers via Sports Business Daily….

Ravens-Titans (CBS): 17.0
2007 Seahawks-Packers (FOX): 18.5 (-8.1%)

Cardinals-Panthers (FOX): 15.8
2007 Jaguars-Patriots (CBS: 20.2 (-21.8%)

Eagles-Giants (FOX): 20.9
2007 Chargers-Colts (CBS): 21.2 (-1.4%)

Chargers-Steelers (CBS): 21.4
2007 Giants-Cowboys (FOX): 25.8 (-17.1%)

Obviously the blowout win for Arizona didn’t help things, and the numbers were still not that bad overall, but this past weekend drop-off will be nothing compared to the Championship Games. A lot of people consider NFL ratings bullet-proof, but there hasn’t been a set of Championships with the potential to be this bad in years. We shall see though.

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