There are a lot of unfunny things that are said during broadcasts, but Digger Phelps might have just taken the cake this past weekend. During the College Basketball version of Gameday on Saturday, Rece Davis commented on a green carnation that Phelps was wearing in honor of the show being at Notre Dame University. Of course Digger couldn’t just say that he was wearing it because he used to Coach in South Bend. No, he decided to make a joke that he robbed a corpse at a funeral earlier in the day….

“This has been thirty five years old, this….yeah. I stole it from a grave yesterday, it was a funeral, I went and got it.”- Digger Phelps

Not funny. There are certainly worse things that can and have been said, but that comment just made me sick to my stomach. Good job by everyone else on the set moving on, and not coming up with any tacky “Grave Digger” followup attempts at humor.

Now if you want funny, you need go not go any further than’s unintentional headline in regards to the same game….

Mmmmmmm…..Steak. Now that’s funny!

(Thanks to DH for the screenshot)