So the World Baseball Classic is underway (you’d know if you got up at 4:30am the other day to watch Korea-Chinese Taipei), and people are doing their best to get you to watch. David Letterman and Tommy Lasorda are two of those people, and while both are promoting the tournament, each has their own approach. Letterman’s is of course comedy, but it’s Lasorda’s that you’ll find hilarious.

That’s right, folks! If you don’t root for Team USA, you’re destined for eternal damnation!!!

“We cannot allow those clubs to beat us. It’s our game,” the former Los Angeles Dodgers manager said Thursday. “Remember one thing: In your hearts, you better pull for the USA or you may not get into heaven.”

“It’s our game. Baseball is America’s game. It doesn’t belong to the Italians or the Cubans or the Koreans or the Japanese,” he said. “It’s our game, and we’re not going to let them beat us.”

Well then. What does it mean if I don’t even watch a single game of the WBC? Purgatory??? And if he feels that way about fans, how does he feel about his nephew playing for Italy? Either way, that old man is pretty damn funny. Oh and here’s Letterman’s Top Ten List with Team USA on why you should watch. While they don’t say you’ll go to hell, they do list “seeing players from other countries scratching themselves” as one of the reasons….

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