The NFL’s blackout policy has been under extreme scrutiny as of late, and rightfully so. Teams from Florida, to Ohio, and all the way to Cali, could be blacked out most of the season, but there’s news today that America’s team might fall into the same category. The Cowboys will almost certainly set the attendance record with over 100K+ people at their new stadium, but if they don’t sell all of their standing room only seats, Dallas-area fans might not be able to see the game on TV. Via CBS 11….

The senior vice presidents of public relations for the NFL, and the league’s director of corporate communications told CBS 11 Wednesday night that there are seats that still need to be sold for Sunday’s game against the Giants, and that the league has not officially ruled out a blackout.

Brett Daniels, The Dallas Cowboys director of corporate communications, confirmed to CBS 11 that a few hundred seats still needed to be sold, and must be purchased to avoid a blackout.

The Cowboys have not had a television blackout since December 1990.

The NFL deadline for the blackout is Thursday evening. The Cowboys say they have no doubt the tickets will be sold, giving fans at home the chance to watch the game.

As of 10:45 Wednesday evening tickets were still available through The cheapest seats available cost $239. With taxes and fees, the total price for two tickets comes to just under $494. That cost does not include parking, food or drink.

The NFL black out policy is a joke, and this year will solidify that fact. Upwards of 30% of all games will be blacked out in local markets, and with the economy the way it is, it could be even higher. To expect someone to pay $494 to attend a game is just ridiculous.

Cowboys Officials Have No Doubt Game Will Be On TV (CBS 11)