Chris Cooley has been in Wyoming, burning horses, for what seems like months. Well, now he has company. Rachel Nichols showed up in the northern state to do a piece on the Redskins tight end, and here is Cooley’s account, in which he tries to start a sideline reporter fight! Via the Cooley Zone….

A couple months earlier Tanner, an undisclosed reporter divulging phone numbers, and myself were having a few beers and making prank calls. After a few calls Andrea Kramer’s number came up and we had a great plan. The message that was left went something like this. “Hey this is Chris Cooley, I just left the bar where I was sitting next to Rachel Nichols, she was talking crazy shit about you. Rachel says your the worst, manliest reporter she’s ever seen and she can’t stand to work with you another day! Hiccup! Laugh, laugh, laugh.” Click. It was a call that we found funny enough to repeat every couple weeks. Actually it’s still funny while I’m writing this and Andrea will probably be getting a call in the next couple days.

So I was guessing she had talked with Andrea and figured out who was making the nonsense calls and was coming to confront me about it. But to my surprise she came to talk about E60 coming to my house to do a segment for their show. I was a little relieved. Actually, I was pretty excited about the whole deal and after some of the details, thought it would be pretty cool and easy to get done. In April they came over to my house in Virginia and spent some time with us trying to get everything together. They filmed interviews with Christy, Tanner and myself. We spent a couple hours talking to them on camera, then they wanted to film me painting in my art room. They also filmed me pretending to work at the computer, like I was doing a blog. All was fine and for the last couple months we have been recording every E60 on TV, never to see our episode.

Then a few weeks ago I got a call from the producer saying they wanted to come to Wyoming and I could take Rachel fishing and we could do some more stuff. We met in Cody Wyoming and I had a great plan to take them up to the spot where I caught all the fish the other day. They said they didn’t have enough time so we had to arrange going back to my property and fishing on the river there. I guaranteed no fish, but they said it would still look cool and no one would care, whatever.

What didn’t get explained to them was that it was a hell of a hike to get from the spot where you drop off the four wheelers. They had to drag their asses and the camera shit about a half a mile over the rocky hillside to get down to the river. So much for not enough time! I then proceeded to untangle Rachel’s line for the next 30 minutes while we pretended to be fishing. Sorry Rachel, I know you did get better at it, but you casted like a seven year old girl with an arm full of barbies.

That is just flat out hilarious, on multiple levels. I can’t wait to see that episode of E60! Be sure to read the rest of Cooley’s adventures with Nichols, that include: Riding with her on a 4-wheeler, painting, making pottery and making Rachel run to Subway for lunch (is it really roughing it when there’s a Subway nearby, Chris?)!

E:60 With Rachel Nichols (Cooley Zone)