I know why announcers flub during exciting moments (brain working faster than their mouth), but it amazes me how often it happens. The Twins came back against the Tigers multiple times in the Tiebreaker, but the most exciting time came in the tenth. After tying it up they had a chance to win it with Nick Punto up, and runners on 1st and 3rd with just one out.

Punto clearly lined to left field, but apparently Chip Caray saw it differently and basically blew the most exciting call of the game….

He did recover quickly, but what in the hell does, “Raburn evens the ledger,” mean? The score is already tied before he throws the ball in. With that said, it wasn’t a completely bad game. Ron Darling called Nick Punto, Jason, numerous times, and he mentioned Brett Favre at one point as well, but it could have been worse.

Update: Twins take it, and will hop on a plane to NYC tonight! Great game.

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