When CBS’ March Madness On Demand first came out, there were a ton of issues but the simple fact that you could watch games while at work, seemed to outweigh all of the bugs. That changed after people got used to watching the games online each year, and as waiting lines grew, people got uppity and CBS had to scramble to make changes. The last few years though, the service has been almost flawless (minus some holes in commentary), and millions flock to the site each March.

Well this year, CBS is making even more changes to MMOD, and this year should easily surpass last year’s record breaking totals. In fact, CBS is even taking a run at bloggers with some interesting features for websites….

Available starting March 10, the suite will allow developers to choose from an array of professional content from CBS Sports and add it to their site or blog. Options include applications dedicated solely to brackets, live scores, news or each of the Division I Men’s Basketball programs, all offering links that give direct access to the NCAA March Madness on Demand video player.

“NCAA March Madness on Demand has become much more than a CBSSports.com and NCAA production, it’s now an event that the whole Internet is embracing,” said Jason Kint, Senior Vice President and General Manager, CBSSports.com. “With increased distribution across the CBS Interactive network of sites, now a top-10 Web property globally, NCAA March Madness on Demand will again have extremely positive growth in 2009 as we take the games to the fans, wherever they want to watch.”

Just a great idea. CBS has always seemed to “get it”, when it comes to the NCAA Tournament. MMOD will also be switching over to “Silverlight” (MLB TV) this year, so video quality and audio should be through the roof.

CBS To Pull Out All The Stops Again For March Madness (SMJ)

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