ESPN has run-ins with athletes and coaches all the time (see: Sutcliffe, Rick), and you can add another one to the list. A week ago, ESPN ran with a report from two “sources” that said the Vikings had given Brett Favre a deadline to announce his intentions, but according to Childress….someone made it up.

If the Minnesota Vikings have given Brett Favre a deadline to come back, it’s news to team’s head coach.

“Absolutely not,” Brad Childress told radio station KFAN in Minneapolis when asked about ESPN’s report that the team had given Favre a deadline of this week to decide on his return. “Maybe by Deanna (Favre) or somebody like that, but certainly not from me. Not even — not even close. (I) don’t know where that dropped out of the sky from. …

“I don’t know how you guys in that industry go about your sourcing,” Childress added. “‘A source that a source said.’ I don’t know. It’s questionable. Very questionable.”

ESPN reported the deadline on Monday, citing two unidentified sources.

Childress also said he’s spoken with quarterbacks Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels about the situation and that he’s not concerned the Favre saga will distract them.

While it appears that ESPN made up the deadline, they’re not the only ones making things up. Rosenfels and Jackson have to be distracted by this, and if Childress and the Vikings don’t give Favre a deadline, it could be the beginning of the end for the Vikings in 2009.

Oh and one more thing. It was definitely a great idea to hire Adam Schefter, because maybe now someone can get a report right (*ahem* Mortensen *cough*)

Childress blasts ESPN’s report of Favre deadline (FOX)

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