There are certain monikers that stick with a team/player, and every time you hear some one utter the phrase, it makes you think of them and them alone. One of the more famous ones, “America’s Team” has been associated with the Dallas Cowboys since 1979, and one that’s unmistakable. Well that is until ESPN gets their hands on it. The “Leader” posted an article yesterday titled “The Great Debate: ‘America’s Team'”, and is trying to make cases for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers and New England Patriots (!), as the heirs to the title. Seriously….

It’s time to rescind the Cowboys’ honor and turn it over to the Patriots. The Cowboys are known for wanton spending and attention-mongering with zero results. The Patriots are widely regarded as the NFL’s most efficiently run organization. Their owner, Robert Kraft, was a season-ticket holder who aspired to buy the team one day — and did. The American dream and capitalism all in one.

What’s more, the Patriots were formed in Boston, a.k.a. “The Cradle of Liberty” and crucible for the American Revolution.

They were an original member of the American Football League, which is celebrating its golden anniversary this year.

They changed their name to New England to reflect their meaning to a region where Pilgrims landed. Some teams, such as Minnesota and Arizona, claim a state. The Patriots claim six.

The Patriots wear red, white and blue. When they score, Minutemen line up behind the end zone and fire their muskets into the air.

They’re loved. They’re despised. They give a nation of sports fans plenty to talk about. They win.

They’re called the Patriots, for crying out loud.

What’s more American than all of that?

The thing that’s so dumb about this isn’t just that they’ve had the term since the 70s, but rather that they’re just using Football teams. Shouldn’t you consider the Yankees (perhaps more fans out there), the Red Wings (the American working man’s team), and/or the Celtics?

As much as I hate the Cowboys, that nickname is theirs and theirs alone.

The Great Debate: ‘America’s Team’ (ESPN)

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