Can Miami actually get something going against the Ravens’ D in the second half? Doesn’t look good, does it?

Another touchback to start, Pennington and Co. will begin at their 20. Three yards on two carries for Ronnie Brown. Fabian Washington is the latest recipient of a Chad Pennington pick, thrown to a receiver he thought had single coverage. McClain rushes for a couple up to the Miami 36. 3rd down pass from Flacco is incomplete, and Cook comes in to punt again. The ball is downed inside the 1 yard line.

Pennington is turning into Shane Falco before our eyes. – Anon @ 2:46

His receivers aren’t really helping him either. A 12-yard run from Polite gets them out of the deep end; Williams picks up a yard on a blown play of sorts. Pennington to Brandon London for the first down. Couple plays later….run to Cobbs, and he gets ROCKED, fumbling the ball and Terrell Suggs recovers for Baltimore.

McClain to the 14 on the first carry. 3rd and 5 to Clayton at the 8, first and goal. McClain just rumbles on in for the touchdown. Stover’s kick is good, 20-3. At what point do I completely give up on this game being competitive? I think one more score will probably do it.

Cobbs takes the kickoff out to the 29 after slipping. 1st and 15 after a false start. Brown picks up a 1st down on the short pass, getting 23 total. Brown picks up 4 more to cross midfield. Pennington to Ginn with Trevor Pryce on his back, and another first down. Pennington hits Ginn again on the left side of the field with the intermediate route. Ginn again for the first down. Another short down to Brown, who keeps his feet moving for a couple extra yards, and some roughneck stuff inside afterward.

2nd and 4 at the B-more 21. Sideline route to Ginn at the 17, first down — and ridiculously efficient by Pennington, 7 straight completions. Screen to David Martin loses a couple yards….and the next pass is picked once again by Ed Reed!

Superman wears Ed Reed pajamas.

McClain gets back to the line of scrimmage….and ow, that looks like it hurt for Reed. 2nd down at the 20 yard line, McClain gets five yards on the carry. McGahee is short on 3rd down, and a punt will take care of the 3rd quarter. Miami will start in their own mid-20s.

First pass play is incomplete, but thanks to a PI on Hiroki Nakamura (he pushed Cobbs in the back during the catch attempt). Pass to Ginn is out of bounds. Bess drops 2nd and 10, he was trying to get upfield before making the catch. Another PI flag on B-more, trying to cover Ted Ginn. Pennington to Bess — and he finds a hole and scampers down the sideline! 45 yards for the Hawai’i product, down at the 4 yard line of Baltimore! First and goal.

Pennington to Brown, but the end is sealed and he’s down at the 2 yard line. Play action fake to Brown, who runs out to the side, Pennington’s rushed, throws it in front of Brown, who dives and makes a great catch in the end zone! TOUCHDOWN, DOLPHINS. Carpenter’s kick up…and…BLOCKED! 20-9, Baltimore.

More Ed Reed facts:

Ed Reed eats 50 footballs for breakfast. – SSR
You don’t find Ed Reed. Ed Reed finds you. – James Craven
Until telekinesis is banned, Ed Reed will continue to eat human souls, and intercept footballs. – Lord Nero

Ed Reed is the holder of the Power Cosmic, he is Galactus, Destroyer of Quarterbacks. All that Chad Pennington knows is at an end.

Ravens start at their own 20 after the returner takes a knee. Flacco’s just a bit far on the deep ball to Mark Clayton. McGahee for four yards on the carry. Another bomb attempt to Clayton incomplete, and it’s a three and out. Bess is tackled at the Miami 31 on the punt return.

Pennington tries to make Bess climb the ladder, but it’s too high and Ed Reed breaks it up. Ed Reed drinks your milkshake, sir. He drinks it up. 2nd down pass to David Martin, picks up 13 and a first down….tripped up and tackled by Ed Reed. (Do you see where I’m going with this?) Pennington steps up, flips to Brandon London, and he streeeeetches for the marker. First down at the Ravens 44.

Ginn with the catch, 8 yards. Ricky Williams bashes his way past the marker. Screen to Martin, four yard gain. Yikes…nightmare play as Pennington flips to Ginn coming around, and the defense influences Ginn fumbling, and he falls on it all the way back at the 46. Pass to Ginn….he came down out of bounds.

Leonard fair-catches the punt and gets hit while doing so — here come 15 extra yards for Baltimore. Carry to McClain for a yard.

I love Mike Leach, but is the timing of the 60 Minutes interview really that good considering he just lost to Ole Miss in the Cotton Bowl big-time?

McClain bulls for several more, and then Flacco throws a short gain to Lo Neal for a first down. McGahee gets one yard….and the next carry is BIG, as Willis delivers a nasty stiff-arm and rushes all the way down to the Miami 3 for 48 yards. McGahee gets knocked back for a loss of a yard on first and goal. Flacco passes to McClain on 2nd down, and it’s at his feet. 3rd and goal.

Flacco keeps it, and rushes right into the end zone to ice this game. Kick up and good, 27-9, Ravens.

miami’s drive ruined by another bullshit high school play. – David

I’d counter that it’s only a bullshit HS play if it doesn’t work. These things have worked for them all season (and frankly, the NFL could use more trickery borrowed from the college ranks, especially the teams that are thinner on talent.) However, B-more’s just too smart defensively to fall for them.

Ginn returns it, gets another 15 on an unnecessary roughness penalty. Incomplete, sack by Nakamura and Leonard, pass to London for 9. 4th down, going for it as the last hurrah. Throw to London is three yards short. Ravens ball.

It’s kind of useless to catalog the rest of the plays. This will end 27-9 save some sort of intervention, and the kneeling is in. Baltimore will play the Titans, and the Bolts will play the Steelers next week. Eagles-Vikes live blog in a half hour, folks.