Colts start at the 26. Manning hits Reggie Wayne for 31, airing it out on the right side to start. All the way up to the Chargers’ 43. The next pass goes to Addai for nine yards, and Addai gets stopped for a loss on a 3rd and not much. 4th and 1….going for it…and Peyton throws incomplete. Big, big stop.

Sponge on the break. I haven’t heard “Wax Ecstatic” in years, and we get that over Manning Face.

Wow. That was an Andy Reid Moment. – Mal

“My hair says ENERGY!”

Sproles gets stuffed, but takes it for a few yards on the next pass from Rivers. 3rd down rifle to Chambers for the first down, despite the pass interference on the Colts. Sproles rushes for some more, 3rd and 2 is incomplete for Chambers. Fair catch of the punt at the Indy 9.

Manning starts out with a short slant to Marvin Harrison. Addai gets the first down at the 23. He goes deep for Wayne, but Cromartie has him covered. 2nd down after an encroachment, incomplete.

Manning catches the Chargers’ defense not even set — hikes the ball, and hits Reggie Wayne right in stride. TOUCHDOWN, COLTS! 17-14 after the kick. “You Dropped A Bomb On Me,” indeed. Just made the entire 11 look silly.

Chargers start on the 20 after Sproles takes a knee on the kick. Six-yard pass to the fullback, Jacob Hester.

Did anyone else notice Norv is wearing glasses now? Like it makes him look any smarter. Acrobatic catch by Chambers on a classic floater back foot throw by Rivers.

“He can’t run a lick, but he can move enough just to keep the play alive.” – John

At about midfield, and Sproles gets back to the line of scrimmage. The next carry gets him past the first down marker and at the 40. Michael Bennett is in for Sproles, and he barrels through for another first down within the 30. 2nd and 10. Rivers rifles it to Leagdu Naane at the 10. First and goal, nowhere to go for Darren. Sproles gets the next pass, tries to get into the end zone, and the ball is loose in the back of the end zone — TOUCHBACK, fumble recovered by the Colts!

This Geico ad is now officially getting on my fucking nerves. Cromartie drops a sure pick. He wants that one back right now bad. 3rd down pass is also nearly picked, too. Sproles brings the punt return out to the 45, with a break of Steppenwolf. Sproles gets 9 yards on the carry, going to the Indy 47.

“I love it when they say, ‘running backs who try to get small.’ He doesn’t have to try.” – Al on Sproles. Freeney gets his second sack of the night. (MORE, MORE, MORE!!!!) Rivers, on 3rd and 13, rushes 12 yards of those 13 on his own. 4th and 1….Rivers sneaks….and he’s got the 1st at the 33 after they measure it.

Rivers aims deep for Chambers in the end zone…..and it’s picked off by Antoine Bethea, who runs it out, but there’s a chop block by an Indy defender. Peyton will have the ball again.

Got to love Phillip Rivers going Favre with that pass. – 49er16

But he’s having a lot of fun out there! Colts start at the 20, swing out to Clark, but there’s a tripping call for 10 yards, and that’ll be moved back. Goes back to Clark for four yards. Manning slings it to Wayne at the 31 for a first down. Addai grabs four yards. Another first down to Dallas Clark.

Norv looks like my high school principal with the glasses.

Rhodes shoves his way in with his shoulder for a first down in Chargers’ territory on 3rd and 2. Cason nearly comes up with the pick on 1st and 10, but it hit the ground first. Manning rolls out, throws it away, and there’s a holding penalty. 2nd and 20 gets nothing on the Addai carry. Chargers’ D holds as Manning throws incomplete, and the penalty for holding is declined.

Bolts start at the 27 after the punt goes out of bounds. Sproles gets 17 after the catch on the pass out from Rivers. Sproles up to the 49 on the next carry. Another Rex Grossman-style pass from Rivers, and he’s lucky that didn’t get picked like the last one. Pass out to Bennett, and it’s marked just slightly short of the first down….what, really. That’s a first down, apparently.

Rivers aims downfield for Naane, and he underthrows him just slightly with double coverage. And down goes Rivers on 3rd down, Robert Mathis gets his second of the day.

That was ingenious Golden Globes advertising, NBC. I’d watch Salma Hayek’s Golden Globes in HD.

Scifres punts it again in great field position. Colts start at their own 2, and we get “The Final Countdown.”

Addai rushes for six to get out of the end zone. Next carry isn’t much. 3rd and 2. Rush on….and DOWN GOES PEYTON AT THE ONE YARD LINE!

Sproles takes a very good punt back to the Colts’ 36. Rivers hits Gates for a first down. Another first down to Gates at the 21. Rivers rolls out, can’t find anyone, throws it away. Sproles rushes, gets it inside the 10, but short of the first. Colts’ time out. Kaeding’s on the field. Field goal is up and good, 17-all.

Colts start at the 19 after the kickoff. Short pass to Addai, and they’re playing for OT, it looks like. Jyles Tucker is down. Indy gets an extra time out thanks to the injury, because SD is out of them. Manning throws out to Addai again, and the Colts burn another TO. Incomplete, and a kneel, we go to OT. Bolts win the toss.

Sproles brings the kick out to the 25. Raheem Brock is there to stuff him on the first down carry. Rivers throws it away after rolling out on 2nd down. Short out to Sproles — and he gets past the first down marker on 3rd and 11. Bennett comes in for six yards and the rush. Sproles gets nailed in the backfield, and there’s a flag for holding on Indy, for an automatic first down.

Sproles to midfield with 2 yards. Rivers to Gates, who drags tacklers with him for the first down. He loses the ball, but falls right on it. Mathis bull-rushes Rivers and he throws it at the feet of Hester to avoid grounding. 3rd and 8…Chambers on the outside against Jennings, and they call defensive holding. Another automatic first down. And another first down on a Sproles carry, they’ve called a face mask!

Mighty Mite gets nailed at the 24, loses a couple of yards. Sproles takes the carry, goes outside….AND RUNS ALL THE WAY IN FOR THE TOUCHDOWN! CHARGERS WIN, 23-17! Sproles had more than 300 yards on the day, but none more important than those last 24.

Thanks for joining me tonight. See y’all tomorrow!

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