Well, I was blatantly wrong in the early game. Let’s see if I’m any better this time around.

LDT on the bike: pedalpedalpedalpedalpedalpedalpedal

Darren Sproles takes it out to the 22. LDT can make a cut, I guess. 13 yard gain to start. Two more for LDT, and a throw to Gates for six. 3rd and 2. Robert Mathis then nails Philip Rivers for the first sack, and it’s three and out. Punt fair caught at the 9 yard line.

Manning to Harrison right off the bat for eight. Addai gets stuffed on his first carry. Another third down conversion for the Colts, as Manning hits the receiver. He throws it away on first down after Eric Weddle rushes him. Tony Ugoh gets flagged for five. Manning aims deep for Harrison, but it’s getting called for PI on Quentin Jammer. First down. Addai gets two in SD territory.

You never want to hear the ref crew being the one that calls the most flags. EVER.

Manning misses Wayne, as the wideout looks the wrong way on the pass after getting Antonio Cromartie looking foolish. Reggie Wayne drops the third down pass, and the Colts will punt. Hunter Smith’s kick goes into the end zone.

3rd and 10 after an incomplete pass and Darren Sproles getting nothing. Rivers’ 3rd down pass to Gates winds up short of the first down. Scifres punts it 58 yards, with barely a return. Indy starts inside the 20 again.

LT (singing in his head): I love to ride my bicycle. I love to ride my bike. Biiii-cycle. Biiii-cycle. – Mal

Ha. Manning to Dallas Clark for three on a 1st and 15 after a false start. He hits Anthony Gonzalez for six at the 24.

“They also thought he knew the daily double at Del Mar.” – Al, as Manning hits Wayne on the screen pass to the 33. Manning to Clark again for another first down. Peyton then goes back to Gonzalez for 36, as he weaves and bobs after the catch. “Looked like a video game,” according to Al. Surprised he didn’t crack a Madden joke. Gonzalez goes airborne and brings it down at the 3 yard line in double coverage.

Addai can’t burrow in on first and goal. Addai on the inside handoff, and it’s a TOUCHDOWN, COLTS. Viniateri’s kick is good, 7-0, Indy.

Sproles got wailed on at the 25. Rivers to Gates for 6, followed by a five yarder for ineligible downfield. Rivers is hit by Dwight Freeney as he throws to Sproles. 3rd and 9, Sproles gets 13 after the inside handoff and sneaks between the tackles.

“Final minute of the opening stanza.” – Al. THIS IS NOT POETRY, THIS IS FOOTBALL.

Sproles gets a couple, but Rivers is incomplete on 3rd and 3. Fits and starts for the Bolts right now, and no passes to either Chris Chambers or Vincent Jackson. Indy gets backed up to its own 3 on the punt. End of the first.

Manning Family shot to start the second. (crosses off list). Short runs and a pass is stopped short of the first down by Antoine Cason. Colts punt out of their own end zone…and it’ll get even tougher as Indy gets a delay of game call. Sproles takes the punt back to the 43 yard line of the Colts.

Did Dungy have a Norv face? – James Craven

No. Dungy’s facial expression never changes. He’s Art Shell, but, y’know, like, successful. (Well, Art Shell 1.0 did fine.)

Everytime they show the charger girls I wonder if the tires on my car are over-inflated. – Mal

Rivers hits Gates again for eight yeards after a rollout. LT gets three to the 33 yard line and a chain movement. Gates again, getting major yards after catch and nailing a first and goal at the 3 yard line. LT busts through an easy hole, TOUCHDOWN, CHARGERS. Nate Kaeding’s kick is good, 7-7.

There are no Wendy’s within 20 minutes of me. I am tired of seeing their ads now, with that in mind. If you need a diversion, here are the Charger Girls for your perusal.

s2n – “LT busts through an easy hole”???? I didn’t know Lindsay Lohan was at the game. – Mal

1,000 cocktails, sir. Colts start at their own 33, and Gonzalez lays out for a very nice catch for 21 yards on first down. Addai, nothing doing on 1st down, but gets nine yards on a pass from Peyton on the next play. End around to Clark for the first down — AWESOME PLAY CALL. You never run that to the TE, ever. Unless when your DE is Clark; maybe Jason Witten could do that. Gates could do that too. Manning throws it away, sensing a defender coming.

“When you brush away the hair, you know it’s not the way it’s supposed to be.” – John, as if you can get anything nice with helmet hair. 3rd and 10 pass to Clark is short by five yards, Viniateri comes on for a 40+ yard FG try. Up and good, 10-7, Colts.

“[Manning] will get a Vitalis ad out of this.” – Al on Peyton Samson’s hairdo (via James Craven)

Darren Sproles gets up-ended on the return after bringing it out to the 32. Dwight Freeney violates Rivers’ back side for a sack on 2nd down. (MORE, MORE, MORE, COLTS. Hit him in his punk face.) Rivers throws his first non-Gates completion to Sproles, but it’s 4th and 11.

MIKE SCIFRES JUST BOOTED ONE 67. Holy shit, that’s impressive. Colts start on the 7. 3 for Dominic Rhodes. Wayne bobbles one and doesn’t come down with it until he’s out of bounds, but Tony Dungy is challenging. This is not gonna be overturned.

Norv just gave a “whew” face after that call stood. 3rd down and some audiblizing on both sides results in a checkdown play, picked up by linebacker Stephen Cooper. Hunter Smith will punt from his end zone again. The punt bounces back to the Indy 45. Sproles rushes for 11 up to the 34. Rivers throws a rope to the sideline, which Chris Chambers reels in and is called a catch. Looked kind of OB to me.

S2N letting out his Bronco fandom with the Rivers hatred – JG

Naturally. Rivers snaps one over the 10 to Chambers for a first and goal. Handoff to Sproles, has a guy grabbing at his leg, and gets right into the end zone! Kaeding’s kick is good, 14-10, Chargers.

Sproles made the “money” gesture with his fingers, too. Kickoff, bringing it back out, and there’s a FUMBLE!!!! Chargers recover! Wait — they ruled him down, but this can be reviewed, and SD called a time out.

Ooh, I thought that was a fumble, guys….I don’t know about that. Manning nearly picked off by Eric Weddle. Rush to Addai. Bolts’ timeout. Addai picks up the first down. Incomplete for Gonzalez at midfield. Addai ends the half with a rush. 14-10, Chargers.

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