A-Rod has dealt with a lot of gossip over the past few months. While most of it has been justified, some of it has been pure speculation. One of those rumors appears to be the possibility that Rodriguez tipped/tips pitches to teammates, and at the forefront of those rumors is ESPN’s Rick Sutcliffe. Sutcliffe recently said that he believed A-Rod was sending signals to Mark Teixeira, and the two decided to confront the analyst last night. Via Newsday….

Hours before they were to do battle with the Red Sox Tuesday night, Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez were involved in different type of confrontation, this one inside the Yankees’ clubhouse.

Upset with an accusation made by ESPN’s Rick Sutcliffe two weeks ago, the two players approached the former Cy Young winner to discuss the situation.

Sutcliffe said on the air that A-Rod had been feeding Teixeira verbal signs from the on-deck circle, giving his teammate a heads-up on the catcher’s location before the pitch was delivered. Teixeira and A-Rod pulled Sutcliffe aside when they saw him in the clubhouse last night, expressing their displeasure with his charges.

“Me, Alex and him talked about it,” Teixeira told the Daily News, confirming that the conversation took place. “No doubt it’s disappointing when someone makes an accusation like that. Whatever. I can’t control what they say.”

I would caution any person to take what Sutcliffe says seriously, because he’s borderline crazy, but they have every right to defend themselves. Sutcliffe also needs to learn to keep his mouth shut, especially if he’s making accusations like this.

Accusations bring A-Rod, Mark Teixeira to tipping point (Newsday)

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