Not in that way, silly.

By now you’ve likely read that Jeanne Zelasko, the former host of Fox’s MLB pre-game show (which got the ax earlier this year) would like to bring her voice to play-by-play. Zelasko has thrown her name into the hat to call the package of 40 L.A. Dodgers’ road games that Vin Scully doesn’t. (For those of you unfamiliar with the arrangement, Scully scaled back his broadcast work a couple years back; he doesn’t call road games outside the NL West, with the exception of Angels interleague games. Basically, he doesn’t travel further east than Colorado.) Charley Steiner held this role for a few years, but the Dodgers decided to have him handle all of the radio broadcasts with Rick Monday (he had been replaced by Jerry Reuss when called on to do TV.)

Despite a lack of experience (she’s never done PBP for the sport before, only handling such duties for gymnastics and figure skating), she obviously believes she’s a strong candidate for the gig. As someone who watches a lot of Dodger games, I probably wouldn’t mind her. I don’t find her as annoying as some folks do, but the “no experience with calling a game” thing is a bit of a bother.

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