Every Monday you will have anywhere from ten to twenty quotes to pick from and your votes will decide our weekly winner and ultimately the grand champion. I’ll have the winners and new standings up tomorrow and be sure to cast your vote at the bottom.

A lot of good ones from this past Saturday so let’s get right to them…..

The Pam Ward Chronicles: Week Twelve

1. “They’re hotter than fish grease right now”- Desmond Howard Texas Tech’s offense

2. “It think we should get the sideline reporter to go do the pushups.” – Doc Walker after Clemson scores
“Will our insurance cover it ? The truck will be calling 911” – Steve Martin
“I can do three.” – Mike Hogewood

3. “They’re playing for Paul Bunyan’s ass on ABC to a good chunk of the country.”- Brad Nessler
“Paul Bunyan’s?”- Bob Griese
“Axe. What did you think I said?”- Brad Nessler
“Axe.”- Bob Griese
“Why is everybody laughing?”- Brad Nessler

4. “He’s already broken all the Notre Dame freshman receiving records, Michael Tate.” – Steve Beuerlein combining both Golden Tate and Michael Floyd’s names

5. “If this keeps up, we might be cow-tipping in the 2nd half.”- Dave Pasch

6. “I actually I think the ball came out and was tucked against his side there.” – Andre Ware

7. “The back falls down, and he just becomes a Football player.”- Gary Danielson

8. “TD pass for Kansas, 21-7 Texas halfway through the field.” – Rece Davis

9. “I hope you and Bob are nice and dry while I get wet here in trenches” – Stacey Dales

10. “Well as you mentioned, North Carolina you gotta believe. They’re on the road, and for Maryland they’re playing at home.”- Bob Griese on his game plan for each team

11. “You have 32 teams with 3 spots per team that’s 94 spots” – Dave Lapham on TX QB Colt McCoy’s NFL prospects

12. “You think the duck came up with that one?” – Mike Patrick on an trick Aflac Trivia Question

13. “The center stepped on him as he was pulling out.”- Kirk Herbstreit

14. “Kyle Halderman running to the endzone like he’s running to Watergate” – John Saunders

15. “Somebody plugged the hole and then gave it to him right up under his chin.”- Brad Nessler

16. “They’re used balls. You like em when they’re a little bit round. Not too slick, just a little bit used.”- Bob Griese