Every Monday you will have anywhere from ten to twenty quotes to pick from and your votes will decide our weekly winner and ultimately the grand champion. I’ll have the winners and new standings up tomorrow and be sure to cast your vote at the bottom. Based on the video from earlier, I think the early leader in the clubhouse is one Pamela Ward, but Steve Physioc’s comment about nuts could challenge our namesake. Here are the fourteen to choose from….

The Pam Ward Chronicles: Week Ten

1. “When you’re a boxer and working the body, the lumberjack swings the ax.” – Doc Walker

2. “That touchdown pass was perfected throwed”- Lou Holtz

3. “Fearless. Totally fearless. The gunslinger. If you don’t get to the Gunslinger, he’s gonna fire all over you.” – Gary Danielson

4. “We’re Chock full of Johnsons here”- Barry Tompkins

5. “Some guys handle wet balls better than others.” – David Norrie

6. “Tebow did not missed practice.” – Gary Danielson

7. “Tripper Johnson makes the stop on Stafon Johnson, much as he made the stop on Ronald Johnson. We are chalked full of Johnsons”- Barry Tompkins
“I got a bunch of Twenties in my pocket. Andrew Johnson”- Petros Papadakis

8. “They’ve gotta spike the ball here!” – Pam Ward on 4th down

9. “He stripped that like he was starting a lawnmower.” – Mike Hogewood

10. “Ganz, play-action fake, hit as he throws, and that’s going to be complete, but for a loss of about 2 yards” – Mike Patrick confuses his digitally placed lines during an 8 yard completion

11. “This is a guy who is a combination of great courage and nuts.”- Steve Physioc

12. “He has to get in that hole and fill that thing.” – Ray Bentley

13. “They weren’t able to run the ball or pass the ball, besides that, their offense was sizzling”- Barry Tompkins

14. “This guy is like a laptop on the field. He keeps everybody together.” – Doc Walker

Who Should Win The Pammy Award For Week Ten?
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