Every Monday you will have anywhere from ten to twenty quotes to pick from and your votes will decide our weekly winner and ultimately the grand champion. I’ll have the winners and new standings up tomorrow and be sure to cast your vote at the bottom.

A lot of good ones from this past Saturday so let’s get right to them…..

The Pam Ward Chronicles: Week Eleven

1. “Here comes the wild-tiger.” – Verne Lundquist on LSU lining up in the wildcat formation

2. “He is like a mean brother on Thanksgiving day. He gives him a little leg and he takes it back away”. – Brad Nessler

3. “This is easy. They go to Hester here.” – Danielson
“They would, but Hester is out west these days.” – Lundquist
“Well, last year, they would have.” – Danielson, on LSU’s 4th and 1 try.

4. “That’s the way you draw up a botched play.” –Barry Tompkins

5. “You know, I think this is a sign of the Big 10 being better than everyone thinks it is, when Wisconsin, a top 10 team before the season started, being at the bottom of the conference.” – Dave Pasch

6. “Minor sticks it up in there.” – Pam Ward

7. “This would be a major major, small victory for Northwestern.” – Andre Ware

8. “It’s interference, they’re going to get the ball there.” – Dave Lapham forgetting that the college football rule is 15 yards, not the spot of the receiver — the ball was thrown from about midfield

9. “And Cunningham with the catch.” – Wayne Larrivee
“I can hear Arthur Fonzarelli calling him out back on the good ol’ days.” – Charles Davis forgetting that the name of the show was “Happy Days”

10. “Georgia moving the football like a warm knife through warm butter.” – Dave Neal

11. “A lot of parity across the board, although Penn State is head and shoulders better than everyone else” – Ray Bentley (via JFein)

12. “When he’s that strong, it’s just, take your medicine right there.. How do you want it? On the ground or in the air?” – Andre Ware on Terrelle Pryor

13. “He tries to jam that thing in there.” – Ray Bentley

14. “That was the last four drives, Minnesota had five straight five-and-outs.” – Pam Ward

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