Every Monday you will have anywhere from ten to twenty quotes to pick from and your votes will decide our weekly winner and ultimately the grand champion. I’ll have the winners and new standings up tomorrow and be sure to cast your vote at the bottom.

Great job again this weekend, I’ve got another eighteen quotes for you to choose from. Here they are in no particular order….choose wisely!

The Pam Ward Chronicles: Week Eight

1. “This game will allow one team to get a conference victory.”- David Diaz-Infante, as the SEC game between Arkansas and Kentucky begins

2. “No dope slapping in Football.”- Pam Ward

3. “After playing so well this week against Michigan State, I expect Ohio State to play their best game of the year next year, er, next week against Penn State” – Chris Spielman

4. “I’m texting him [Mark Sanchez] right now; they call me the ole textoso!” – Petros Papadakis

5. “Cocky is happy.” – Mike Patrick after a shot of a live gamecock

6. “My goodness, he drove him back six yards!” – Gary Danielson, after Alabama uses DT Terrance Cody as a fullback on a goal-line play.
“That was seismic!” – Verne Lundquist

7. “Tyson Chandler has been passing under pressure all game.” – Pat Ryan referring to Mississippi State QB, Tyson Lee, in the 2nd Qtr

8. “Now the officials say it’s Kansas basketball.” – Ron Franklin

9. “That’s why they call it show business, and not show friends.”- Mark Jones in reference to Colt McCoy and Texas beating up on his buddy Chase Daniel and Mizzou

10. “If you run for the endzone, a lot of time, you score.” – Petros Papadakis

11. “If the ball hits the ground, by rule it’s incomplete.”- Mike Patrick

12. “Here are the possessions of Alabama so far in the 2nd half: Punt, Punt, Interception, Fumble, Punt, and no thats not a rap song.” – Verne Lundquist

13. “I believe they will get Oklahoma for cheating.” – Ron Franklin

14. “Rich Rodriquez will be a teacher long before he is the CEO of Michigan”- Andre Ware

15. “[Kevin Kelly] gets good heighth on [his field goal kicks]” – Chris Spielman

16. “Boy if they (Florida) go undefeated, watch out….”- Gary Danielson about Tim Tebow’s chances of winning the Heisman this season

17. “He’s lobbying to get back in the game.” – Jack Arute on an injured Oklahoma player trying to get back in the game.
“They are the most powerful creatures in the countrty today, lobbyists.” – Ron Franklin

18. “Ya know, Hitler was a great leader too.”- Lou Holtz

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