I watched the better part of the late edition of Sports Center, and between Sean Salisbury spitting on people (he nailed Emmitt at one point), and hearing the phrase “punch them in the face/mouth” about 100 times….I was done for the evening.

But not before pulling all of the Emmitt clips and turning them into one great video that describes this Giants upset better than anything out there. Enjoy!

I/We have a lot of fun with Emmitt, but like I’ve said before…I don’t think he’s all that bad. He starts along this path of making a perfect point and one word or phrase just trips him up. I know what he wants to say and I’m almost rooting for him to get it right.

He’s just not live TV material at the moment and this collection of clips illustrates that pretty well. I’m not sure he’ll be back or not, but let’s hope he doesn’t get “debacled” in the offseason and that we can “tilt our caps” to him again for years to come.

Thanks for a great NFL Season Emmitt!

(Firefox isn’t playing videos for me for some reason. It works in IE if you want to watch.)

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