I’ve been furiously searching for video of this (why the hell was I watching the Zards-Celts?!?), but according to about a thousand (give or take) emailers, Joe Morgan decided to talk race tonight. Whenever someone goes there you just knoooooow it’s going to be good.

Morgan was talking about Jose Reyes and mentioned that he comes from a more entertaining culture. He then decided to drop this on the viewing audience…

“I’m an African-American, we have a little bit more flash.” – Joe Morgan

Ah yes Joe, let’s start making racial comments. How about the fact that white players are boring and slow? What about the extra muscle that African-Americans are supposed to have??? Good lord this man needs to be stopped. It’s not that it’s overly racist or THAT controversial, it’s just stupid to even bring up. Imagine for one second that Steve Phillips said that. How crazy would the Sports World be in the morning? But since Morgan said it….this is probably the only place you’ll see it.

If anyone has video let me know….you will rewarded handsomely.

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