If you’ve been reading the site for awhile you should be plenty aware of my affinity for the HBO Show Hard Knocks. Well prepare for the biggest soap opera of a team that the network could get. Via Dallas News….

The Dallas Cowboys are not only going back to California for training camp, they are expected to once again invite HBO to broadcast their every move.

A deal is “imminent” that will allow NFL Films to film five to six weeks of training camp in Oxnard, Calif. and air it on the HBO show Hard Knocks, according to a source.

Training camp opens in late July. Last season, the Cowboys held training camp in San Antonio.

I thought this was a bad idea at first considering they already covered the Cowboys in 2002, but that team had a guitar playing backup QB as the main storyline and this team has Ms. Jessica Simpson, T.O., and Pacman Jones. As much as I can’t stand the Cowboys they are equally intriguing to me. They’re a great choice as far as viewership goes, and any team is going to be more exciting than the Kansas City Chiefs.

Source: Dallas Cowboys deal with HBO ‘imminent’ (DallasNews.com)

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