Earlier in the night, Steve Young took on ESPN by calling the network “dumb”, but it was his professionalism when battling thrown cups that really impressed me. Here is Young avoiding a plastic cup thrown at him during the postgame and not missing a beat during his analysis….


I’m not condoning the act in the least, but if you’re going to be the douchebag that throws an object at someone, at least hit them with it. Although, skipping it across the camera might actually be more impressive. Here is the rest of your Monday Nighter in quotes via FARN….

“He took the Frankfurt Galaxy to the World Bowl, which I suppose made him All-World.” – Tony Kornheiser on Jake Delhomme

“You think Tampa Bay remembers they lost by 24 points in the first game?” – Tony Kornheiser forgetting that it was Carolina that lost by 24 to Tampa Bay

“That was my homework assignment for the week.” – Mike Tirico on learning Spanish.

“He’s rumbling, bumbling, stumbling down the field.” – Jaws channeling his inner Berman

“That’s how you stroke it up in there as a linebacker.” – Jaws

“That gets you a graduate degree at the Troy Polamalu School of Making Interceptions.” – Tony Kornheiser

“Those markers are the real ones.” – Mike Tirico on the sideline markers.

“This is not a Buccaneer team that’s built to come from behind.” – Jaws
“But they have, on the road. 3 times.” – Mike Tirico

“You have to score once to score twice, but you have to score twice.” – Tony Kornheiser

“Does that mean that, Delhomme, he went to Jarrett?” – Tony Kornheiser


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