When ESPN first released word that they were going to be using Kenny Mayne for an online sitcom, I scoffed at the idea. But after watching the clips that they released today, I think it actually might be worth a viewing. Here’s a little background info from ESPN and I spliced together the first set of videos for you to take a gander at….

The ESPN veteran known for his dry wit and offbeat sensibilities, maneuvers through each of the 15 three- to five-minute webisodes in the kind of clever and entertaining style that has made him one of ESPN’s most popular personalities. Mayne’s re-occurring foils consist largely of his fictional production crew which includes his producer, Sarah (Alison Becker); cameraman, Video Cowboy (Jon Glaser) [Ed Note: Awesome writer for Wonder Showzen and Human Giant]; production assistant, Jordan (Jordan Carlos); network executive, Mintz (Ben Schwartz); Mintz’s right hand, Robin (Aubrey Plaza); as well as other ESPN personalities including Scott Van Pelt, Neil Everett and others.

“The ESPN Original Digital brand adds tent pole programming to ESPN.com’s already incredible and award-winning lineup of high quality, episodic content,” said Ron Wechsler, ESPN vice president, series content and development. “We can think of no better way to get into the scripted web serial space than with the unique and hilarious voice of Kenny Mayne.”

As part of ESPN’s Original Digital initiative to create original programs exclusively for ESPN’s array of digital platforms, Mayne Street joins a growing lineup of originally produced studio and news programs including SportsCenter Right Now, Fantasy Focus, Daily Dime, Guerilla Cam, MMA Live, and ESPN.com’s live Sunday fantasy football show Fantasy Football Now.

Pretty darn funny if you ask me. It’s almost like it’s a parody of Sports Night, which was actually a parody of ESPN. How crazy is that? The first episode debuts online, November 11th and again….might actually be worth checking out.

Kenny Mayne To Appear In A Series Of Online Webisodes For ESPN (Awful Announcing)