I didn’t come close to getting all of them, so if you have some to add please email me and I’ll add them to the list. It was a great week of hoops and it’s only going to get better folks!

“That’s the Tribe at their best. The Tribe has spoken.”- Jimmy Dykes

“Do they get two spots one for William and one for Mary?”- Brad Nessler

“He is ready to load.”- Bill Raftery

“Folaran in Nigerian means walk with glory. Right now he’s trotting with glory.”- Jimmy Dykes
“Wow. They might be Folaran him right into the NCAA Tournament.”- Brad Nessler

“Like Stockton and Malone, similar body differences.”- Bill Raftery

“Three point lead and they’re going crazy in the Jenny Craig. The slim gym is rockin’!”- Terry Gannon

“San Diego might have to change their nickname from the Torero to the Boa Constrictor because they’re cutting of Gonzaga’s air.”- Stephen Bardo

“You talk about the residue of winning.”- Fran Frashilla

“He’s their fire plug, they’re spark off the bench.”- Adrian Branch

“They’’ll get the ball and go after it like their last lunch.”- Stephen Bardo

“When you and I go out to eat I’ve got to get away from you as soon as I can”- Stephen Bardo
“We NEVER go out to eat!”- Terry Gannon

“That was a javelin throw, that was ugly.”- Adrian Branch

“You’re tough on my arrows”- Bill Raftery
“There aren’t that many in the quill these days.”- Sean McDonough

“We were going to send you away for tests, you were a bit sluggish earlier in the year.”- Bill Raftery to Sean McDonough
“Yeah, we were concerned you might get better.”- Jay Bilas to Sean McDonough

“Tonight at 7 eastern time you’ll get the A-Team announcers Dan Shulman and Len Elmore.”- Sean McDonough
“I detect a bit of jealousy.”- Bill Raftery
“No. They are great professionals.”- Sean McDonough
“It must be nice to work with a great professional.”- Jay Bilas

“It’s not a sandwich but it’s a Reynolds wrap.”- Bill Raftery
“Terrific use of the derriere.”- Bill Raftery

“You have no chance at getting a rebound unless you make it.”- Billy Packer

“It’s the small man with the shaved head!”- Billy Packer (Sounds like a descriptive word for some one’s ummm…..)

“Here comes Tollackson out of the Locker Room.”- Brent Musburger
“Trying to pull a Willis Reed and inspire the Gophers.”- Steve Lavin
(The score is 12-6 with 15 minutes left in the 1st Half)

“Right up your backside, when you look that up in the dictionary, you see the North Carolina transition game”- Jimmy Dykes (Via Evan)

“That’s A YouTube Squeeze”- Brent Musburger talking about Erin Andrews’ hug from Bruce Pearl. (Via Chris)

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