For all of you Kornheiser radio fans that at one point purchased an XM radio (persumably to listen to MLB 24/7) the MNFer will be joining back up with the satellite radio provider. And as an added bonus you get Dan Patrick as well!

Two sports-talk legends join XM on January 21st creating the New XM Sports Nation, XM 144. Fans across the country will be able to hear The Dan Patrick Show weekdays from 10am to 12pm ET/ 7am-9am PT.

Also beginning January 21st the Tony Kornheiser Show returns to the all-star lineup again. The all-new XM Sports Nation will feature topical sports news each day- filled with insight and humor from the some of the most renowned legends of sports-talk. In addition to Dan Patrick and Tony Kornheiser, you’ll also be able to hear other great sports-talk stars including: Tony Bruno, TJ Rives, Coach K, Cal Ripken Jr. and many more.

“Filled with insight and humor” huh? Well that’s good to know ahead of time because he’s been without those for about two years now.

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