I have for you two very sketchy/Zapruder-like YouTube clips that need your viewing today. There are some very interesting interpretations of what was said during these two moments and I just can’t make them out.

First up is a clip of Cris Collinsworth from the Redskins-Seahawks last Saturday and our tipster Rick. Cris is talking about the Skins pressure on Matt Hasselbeck when it sounds like he says, “When that guys’ ‘coming’ right in her face.” You be the judge!


Our second clip comes from a Mavs-Hawks game on December 28th via Sports By Brooks. Mavs’ announcer Brad Davis apparently says, “When he has to full court press and grab and hold and everything else. And it gets to a point sometimes where the referees just get tired of f**king calling fouls on them.” You be the judge!

Good times.

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