As soon as Osi Umenyora went down with a knee injury on Saturday everyone in the Sports Media world began searching for Michael Strahan’s cell number. And that was even before it was announced that the DE was lost for the year. Strahan, who was vacationing in Greece, told multiple sources that he’d listen to the Giants yesterday and the rumored amount to get him back in NYC appears to be a grand total of $8 million. Via TSB….

“If the Giants make a sincere overture, it’s a good chance that Strahan would consider coming back,” the source told the newspaper. “There are other things he has to take into consideration: the money and his contract with Fox. But if the Giants really want him, they have a shot. It’s not out of the question.”

Strahan, who is 37 and retired June 9, has a contract with Fox to be a television commentator. He didn’t rule out a return to the Giants in an interview with NFL Network.

“I haven’t heard from anybody else, so to say if I would or wouldn’t is premature,” Strahan told NFL Network. “So I’m enjoying my retired life right now.”

While most of those in the know seem to think that the return is “doubtful”, I’m thinking that Strahan will be back in Giant Blue very soon. His contract with FOX is for $2 million a year and I’m assuming that there has to be a clause built in that lets him return to the game if he wants to. Also, that $8 million mark is easily within reach for New York as they currently have $12 million on the cap to spare. That price would be a steal for a future HOFer who hasn’t really lost that much of a step.

Obviously the contract amounts are just educated guesses, but in the wake of his highly publicized divorce, it seems like a no-brainer for him to sign with the Giants. Strahan was ordered to pay his ex-wife Jean over $15 million and is also on the hook for hundreds of thousands of dollars in child support. That’s not necessarily the best reason for a return, but it might very well make the decision to come back a little easier.

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