Outside of the Titans-Chargers game, the matchups before this past weekend’s contests seemed like they would be pretty competitive. In the end the games were all fairly close but were almost borderline boring….yes even the Jags and Steelers seemed a little dull.

Well the numbers are out for the weekend and it turns out that most people tuned out the games as the Weekend moved along….

Sat. 4:00pm NBC: Redskins-Seahawks, 15.4/29
2006: Chiefs-Colts, NBC 13.8/27
+/- 11.6%

Sat. 8:00pm NBC: Jaguars-Steelers, 16.7/27
2006: Cowboys-Seahawks, NBC 17.2/28
+/- -2.9%

Sun. 1:00pm Fox: Giants-Buccaneers, 17.1/36
2006: Jets-Patriots, CBS 17.3/35
+/- -1.2%

Sun. 4:15pm CBS: Titans-Chargers, 18.6/32
2006: Giants-Eagles, Fox 20.4/34
+/- -7.5%

It’s really tough to compare the numbers to the matchups in ’06-’07 as there were some divisional rivalries and some blowouts, but I think you can take one thing away from the numbers. People are waiting to pay attention until the 2nd Round. Every single favorite won this weekend setting up next weekend for the ratings boom the League is looking for.

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