First it was Isiah Thomas breaking into the popcorn game and now it’s our favorite FOX Sports broadcasters Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. The two have teamed up with the same popcorn company that brought you Isiah’s Popcorn to come up with some exciting new flavors for the favorite gameday treat….

Dale and Thomas Popcorn is thrilled to announce that recently, Dale and Thomas’ very own popcorn chef, Chef Ed, welcomed Troy Aikman and Joe Buck to the top secret kitchen in its headquarters, to create the ultimate in game day snacking. Americans eat a staggering 4.2 million pounds of popcorn during the Big Game, and that’s why these two football personalities have collaborated with Chef Ed to craft two brand-new signature gourmet popcorn flavors; Halftime Chili and Sour Cream(TM) and Dark Fudge Drizzlecorn(TM) with Praline Almonds.

“We had so much fun getting the opportunity to work with Chef Ed to create the ultimate in game day snacking,” says NFL Hall of Famer Troy Aikman. “No one knows better than Joe Buck and I, that there is nothing better than getting together with friends and family to watch an exciting football game, but the only thing more exciting this football season, is these incredible popcorn flavors that we created with Dale and Thomas Popcorn.”

You are so right Troy there is nothing more exciting than you and Buck’s new flavors! I can think of nothing more exciting then the combination of Popcorn and Football!!! And get this….if you order now you can get this collectible bowl with their signatures on it….

You get all of this for the low, low cost of $42…..

2 – foot-long bags of Troy Aikman’s Halftime Chili and Sour Cream Popcorn
2 – foot-long bags of Joe Buck’s Dark Fudge DrizzleCorn™ with Praline Almonds Popcorn
4 – foot-long bags of other Dale and Thomas’s popcorn flavors
A 9” diameter Limited Edition Collectible Glass Bowl

There’s still time to get your favorite blog writer a Christmas present folks!

UPDATE: Dammit…..The Maj is much quicker with finding Popcorn stories than I……

It’s Like Isiah’s Popcorn, Only More Bland!

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