Back in January SNY Anchor Kirk Gimenez called WVU’s Joe Alexander a “white boy” during a highlight. Well that same white boy just absolutely destroyed UConn this evening in the Big East Tourney to the tune of 34 points and 7 rebounds.

Oh and he did this too….

BAM! He just waited for that defender. Screw it I’m just going to pick the ball up and two hand tomahawk on your head. And what? Also, what the hell is Bill Raftery talking about? I’m pretty sure he said that dunk was a “Taiwan Special” and that he took it “to the tin with elackrity”. If someone hears something different please let me know.

Update: Apparently alacrity (not elackrity) is actually a word. I don’t think I’ve ever heard it in my life, but I shall use it three times in conversation tonight!

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