This went down yesterday, but it was so weird that I had to share it with all of you. Santa (Bill DiFabio, a sports announcer from Washington, Pa.) showed up at a Steelers press conference, and after some bad schtick, the Steelers booted Mr. Claus from their facility.

Here’s a taste, but it’s what happened after this which is the funny part….

But when DiFabio commandeered the news conference for more than five minutes, passing out gifts and cracking jokes about fellow sportscasters, the Browns and Cowboys, nose tackle Casey Hampton’s weight and the woebegone Pirates, Tomlin became impatient.

To end the unrehearsed skit, Tomlin — who could be heard sighing several times throughout the comedy bit — grudgingly agreed to toss a football to the fake Santa.

“If that will get you out of here,” Tomlin said.

Tomlin repeatedly emphasized the Steelers (11-4) would not treat Sunday’s meaningless game against the Browns (4-11) like an exhibition, and he apparently did not appreciate a comedy skit interfering with his message.

Later, the Steelers said there would be no future appearances from Santa at any of their news conferences.

How random is that? An announcer trying to make it all about himself??? Never heard of such a thing. This just goes to show you that noth even Santa is safe in the “No Fun League”.

Visit from fake Santa doesn’t amuse Steelers coach (Associated Press)

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