Well besides the fact that it’s ridiculously uncalled for, probably the fact that the player in question, Juan Barea, isn’t exactly Mexican. LAist was flipping through some power rankings in the LA Times, when they came across an interesting nugget for the Dallas Mavericks. The writer, Mark Heisler, decided to refer to Puerto Rican guard, Jose Juan Barea, a “Mexican Smurf”. See for yourself….

10. New Orleans (12-7) Scott worries carrying team will reduce Paul to a grease spot by the end. (9)
11. Atlanta (14-9) Bibby at career-high 44% on threes, gives them big-time backcourt with Johnson.(12)
12. Phoenix (14-10) Looks like Suns vs. Mavericks for No. 8 in West. Loser breaks up team first. (14)
13. Dallas (13-9) Juan Jose Barea, superstar: Mexican smurf gets 15-18-22-21 off bench. (11)
14. Detroit (13-9) Once Bad Boys, now Small Boys, starting Wallace, Prince, three guards. (13)

Not only is the nationality wrong, but Barea is actually listed at 6 feet tall on his NBA.com player page. Not exactly someone I would call a smurf, per se. I’m sure he wasn’t really meaning it as that big of an insult, but it sure comes off that way.

Power Rankings (LA Times)
A ‘Mexican Smurf,” he is Not (LAist)

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