A short list of what we scanned through for most of the day yesterday:

  • Texas isn’t losing if it plays good enough defense to give up only 30 or so points a game when its offense hangs half a hundred on its opponent. Mizzou went down in Austin, 56-31, after Colt McCoy and the Longhorns raced out to a 35 point lead in the first half. McCoy threw for two scores and ran for two more. Texas has a brutal schedule in conference, but none of its opponents are likely to stop its attack.
  • And there is very little defense in the Big 12. Oklahoma game up more than 400 yards on the ground to Kansas, but thanks to 468 (!) passing yards from Sam Bradford, they beat KU 45-31.
  • Alabama will lose if it plays like it did against Ole Miss in the second half, because the Rebels beat themselves in Tuscaloosa with turnovers. That was a 24-20 win that could have gone the other way and no one would have been surprised.
  • Penn State can and should beat Ohio State next week, but it will be a hell of a game to watch. The Nittany Lions looked like the Nitty Kitties for a quarter, came back in the 2nd quarter, and then opened up the keg and sprayed the Wolverines in the 2nd half on the way to a 46-17 ass nailing.
  • Ohio State took advantage of five Michigan State turnovers to run through East Lansing 45-7.
  • Maryland is a team in dire need of Prozac. Lose to Middle Tennessee State, whoop Cal. Lose to Virginia, shut out Wake Forest yesterday 26-0. Oh well, I’ll say it anyway, because the Terps are tied for tops in the ACC Atlantic Division: FEAR THE TURTLE.
  • Boston College helps with the noble goal of trying to knock Virginia Tech out of any chance of the conference championship. Chris Crane threw two pick sixes, but led the Eagles to a string of 21 unanswered to a 28-23 win.
  • The Dabo Swinney Era is off to a bad start in Death Valley. The beauty of watching Georgia Tech try and master the triple option is that when an opposing team gets faked, it’s a beautiful thing. Tech wins 21-17.
  • Texas Tech trails for the first time at the half playing Texas A&M, comes back to rout the Aggies as Graham Harrell throws for 2 TDs to Michael Crabtree and runs for three more.
  • OK State: still dangerous, reliably routs Baylor 34-6.
  • Northwestern knocks Purdue around 48-26, they’re looking forward to playing OSU in two weeks with some inspired football from C.J. Bacher and Eric Peterman.
  • Has any team fallen harder and faster than Wisconsin? They coughed up a second half comeback to Michigan, supplied the butt to be whipped by Penn State last week, and were destroyed by Iowa 38-16. Shon Greene rushed for 217 yards and 4 TDs.
  • Oh, right, there is Washington State. They may be the worst major conference D-IA team I’ve ever seen. USC beat them 69-0, making the Cougars’ fourth conference loss involving an opponent scoring 60+ points.
  • Georgia will lose to Florida if its defense can’t step up. Vanderbilt, although good, isn’t an offensive powerhouse by any means and they kept it close even though the Dawgs had a good day offensively (Knowshon Moreno rushed for 172 yards and a score.) UGA hung on at home, 24-14.
  • LSU takes pride on stopping people on defense, and that’s what they did to hold on to a fourth quarter lead. Gamecocks QB Stephen Garcia was sacked six times and South Carolina had negative yardage in the 4th.

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