There have been a few people over the years that I couldn’t stand no matter what (I’m sure you have your own), and near the top of the list is Jim Gray. I always felt that he would unnecessarily attack athletes at the worst times and was a first class dick. Well according to LA Daily News and Sports By Brooks, the ex-sideline reporter has fallen so far out of grace that he’s wandering Sporting venues looking for work….

LA Daily News: “So there was Hollywood Walk of Famer Jim Gray, trolling the Staples Center hallways Wednesday night, a painful, vain attempt to try to stay in the TV employment loop when the fact of the matter is no one is interested in hiring the psuedo sideline reporter.”

Sports by Brooks: “We’ve also heard from several, well-connected media moles that no one will now hire him (just check out the hacks roaming the sidelines during the NBA playoffs). Gray might well be done in the business.”

So what gives? It’s not often that someone so entrenched in the Sports Media gets ousted like this. Sure he’s probably an a-hole, but so aren’t a lot of other people who still have jobs.

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