I’m not going to lie to everyone, Emmitt seems much improved over last year. He’s been through television training camp and you can tell already that he’ll be better this year. With that said, Emmitt simply does not belong on television unless he’s dancing. Here is Emmitt trying to explain….well I’m not sure really….on Sports Center’s Cold Hard Facts last night and it’s your Monday Night Football Vid of the night #1….

My personal favorite part was the, “Come face…..come to terms” part, but there are so many layers of this clip that it’s tough to settle on just one. It’s like an onion. Number one….First of all, I honestly have no idea what he was trying to say at all. I was confused, then on board, then lost, back on board, and then in Guam. Also, why does Favre need to realize that the Cowboys were and integral part of your career, Emmitt?

The best part though…..it was only 30 seconds! There’s not a person in the world that could confuse me more in that short amount of time. He continues to amaze me every single time he comes on-air, and there’s not a lot of people you can say that about.

It’s good to have you back Emmitt.

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