After the crew gave Warren Sapp a little bit of praise for his trip to the finals of DWTS, Sapp took the time to apologize for his comments directed at Keyshawn Johnson. The outspoken one, who railed on Keyshawn’s new interior design show and the ESPN analyst’s masculinity last week, decided to say a few words that were apparently inspired by a talk with his mom. Here’s the video complete with a bonus Collinsworth-JB tiff story….

See how easy that was? Sure the comments came at the very end of the show, and after he had already piled on Donovan McNabb, but you have to start somewhere. I still think Warren is a good addition to the show, and as soon as he realizes that he doesn’t have to say something outrageous each week, he’ll become even better.

Oh and don’t forget to vote for the big guy!

Sapp apologizes to Johnson, criticizes McNabb (

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