Here’s an update and video in regards to the WGN telecast which is rewinding back to 1948 today. It’s been a fun couple of innings with only a few camera angles and everyone seems to be playing along. Bob Brenly has already complained about the heat in his “burlap suit” and they even have a typewriter that someone has been hammering away on.

Here’s the opening of the telecast and the first pitch….

It really is awkward to watch a game without multiple camera angles. I think my mind is so trained to be focusing on multiple images that I noticed my A.D.D. kicking in halfway through that first inning. Good stuff though WGN.

Update: I stopped back in during the top of the ninth inning and Len Kasper was talking about the old “Hey Hey” graphic that WGN had back when the late Jack Brickhouse was the announcer. Kasper said they were waiting to use it during a Cubbies homerun in an homage to Brickhouse, but they hadn’t hit one. Bob Brenly said that they should wait until the bottom of the ninth and that you never know what could happen. Well they did and this happened….

How awesome was that? And the Cubs even went on to win in the eleventh, 3-2.

Turn Back The Clock Broadcast Today On WGN (Awful Announcing)

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