Yes my New York friend it is. In an extremely interesting promotion MLB and the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation are going to begin placing replica Statue of Libertys throughout the city. Even more interesting is MLB’s press release surrounding the idea….

An open letter to the people of France:

Bonjour! We in America are still very thankful for the Statue of Liberty.

She is a fine lady. She still stands for freedom and huddled masses and all of that.

But let’s face it, she needed to dress for a baseball game like everyone else here.

So we thought you should know that we have taken a few, um, liberties.

Major League Baseball announced more details Thursday about the “Statues on Parade” that will have everyone talking. It is going to be the most amazing celebration of the Statue of Liberty since the 1986 centennial celebration in the New York Harbor.

There will be 42 Statues of Liberty, each standing 8 1/2-feet tall, stationed around New York leading up to the July 15 All-Star Game there. These will start showing up on Friday at popular locations around the Big Apple, including Times Square, Carnegie Hall, Radio City Music Hall, the New York Stock Exchange and, yes, the Statue of Liberty.

Every Major League team will be featured and there will even be two extra statues for the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Giants. Seems pretty cool if you ask me, but I don’t know how well an eight foot tall Red Sox statue is going to go over in Times Square. They might want to throw that one way out on Staten Island.

Statue of Liberty gets MLB makeover (