When I blockquoted those few quotes that ESPN released, I didn’t realize that I was highlighting the entire interview, but it appears that’s exactly what happened. If you read the post below this then there’s probably no reason to watch this outside of some some one-on-one footage of Stu and Barack playing old man style!

I’m one of those people that like my Sports and Politics separate, but couldn’t ESPN have assigned someone to this that might have asked a hard-hitting question or something about the Presidential Race? I mean he IS a Presidential Candidate, not Jim Belushi or Drew Caray. It’s also very odd that ESPN screwed Bill Simmons once again, who had an interview with Obama lined up for his podcast that was nixed at the last minute.

Other than that, they both have pretty good game and I found it funny that Stu Scott was taking it that seriously. The dude had the money Rec Specs on! I know you’re rumored to be supporting John McCain, Stu, but there are a few people in this country that would rather you not break Obama’s sternum backing him into the lane.

Oh and one more thing. That John McCain interview I said would probably be coming soon, is definitely in the works.

ESPN’s Stuart Scott Misses Opportunities as He Interviews Barack Obama (Fanhouse)

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