There’s really no reason for this post at all, but to A) Either gross you out with blood and/or B) Relay a great story I have about running. Just check out the gnarly results this Women’s DMR produced at the Penn Relays. From Track & Field News via With Leather and SbB

That’s Stanford runner Alicia Follmar who took a “spike to the head” after a fall at the start of the race. As few of you know I was a runner in College and while I’ve been hit by a car (twice actually) and tore an ACL in a relay race, this is pretty badass. Not that she got stabbed with a spike, but that she finished the race….3rd!!!

Now for the only story I have that can top that. While running Cross Country my Freshman year in College, I was on a leg of a race that went downhill through a small set of woods at the 5-mile mark of a 6-mile course. A runner was about 20 yards ahead when I noticed something moving really fast in the woods off to the right. Being 5-miles in, my mind couldn’t process what was coming until an animal leaped across the trail colliding into the guy directly ahead of me. A deer completely plowed through the guy as he did a complete sideways flip into the forest on the left side.

Perhaps the raddest and scariest thing I’ve ever seen in Sports. Thank you for obliging me by reading that and go on about your day.

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