I enjoy people who are overly self-loathing. I find them funny but at a point it gets kind of depressing and I think we’ve reached that with Tony Kornheiser. He quit his longtime job at the Washington Post last month and now he’s saying he’s not good as a broadcaster on Monday Night Football and admits to not even liking Football.

In an interview with On The DL he had this to say….

“I’m not all that good at it. I’m not as good as I’d like to be at it. I’m really not. I don’t really care that much about football. And I understand that there’s a game going on. And I think what I’m best at, the kind of yodeling that I’m best at is in a little bit of a longer form than is allowed in a football booth. And there’s three people in there and I’m the third guy and, you know, and all of those years having a radio show and all of those years writing a column I’m used to having the microphone pretty much all to myself. And, so, it might not be the best circumstance for me. I’d like to think I got better at it. But frankly, it may not be the best thing for me.”


Look, I for one can’t stand Tony on the broadcast, but I think this goes into something deeper. If you don’t even like Football you’re cheating the fans listening to the game. This isn’t any different than what I’ve been saying since he was hired, but him finally admitting it is really telling. I enjoy the guy’s writing, radio, and PTI work but if he feels this way…it might be for the best for him to leave the booth. Especially with that attitude towards the game itself.

He’s also still really really being a downer these days. Someone get him a newspaper job stat, so we can get the old wily Kornheiser back.

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