I wasn’t aware of this, but Fanhouse plays a fun little game with Tony Kornheiser every Monday night. They count how many times Favre mentions certain quarterback’s names, and as you can imagine….the results are hilarious. The first attempt was how many times he said Brett Favre’s name back in Week Three, but yesterday he dropped the name of a QB, that wasn’t playing in the game, double the one actually playing. Via Fanhaus….

Anyway, the object of last night’s game was to count how many times everyone’s least favorite Monday night commentator mentioned Tom Brady (the guy not playing) by name, as opposed to Matt Cassel (the guy playing). The results were staggering, but not surprising. The final count: Tom Brady: 22, Matt Cassel: 9

Before the opening kickoff the score was already 5-1 in favor of Brady.

On a night where Cassel completed 75% of his passes and threw three touchdowns, helping lead the Patriots to a 41 point performance on offense, Kornheiser, one of the guys announcing the game, referenced him by name nine times. He referenced a guy not playing 22 times. That’s incredible, and completely predictable.

Too funny and may I reiterate the predictable part. You don’t know how boring it is to watch a blowout game when you already know EVERYTHING that the announcers are going to say. We don’t need to get into the whole Kornheiser is terrible on MNF thing again, but good lord….is he terrible or what?

Tony Kornheiser Loves Tom Brady, Apparently Doesn’t Care About Matt Cassel (Fanhouse)