It’s not often that the star athletes that ESPN usually panders to calls them out, but I submit to you one Thomas Edward Brady Jr. Brady was on WEEI’s Big Show yesterday to promote a charity event when the hosts decided to throw some Spygate questions at the Patriots QB. Here’s his response….

“That’s the way guys make it. They say the craziest things. I think that’s what, that’s what, that’s what ESPN has become. ESPN to me is like MTV without the…without the highlights.”- Tom Brady

Well then. You’d think that when arguably the best QB in the game says you’re turning into MTV someone would listen, but I’m sure ESPN will just laugh this one off. It’s tough for an entity like ESPN to please everyone (lord knows they try), but when a Sport’s biggest player (on and off the field) isn’t a fan of your network….you might be in trouble.

Tom Brady: not a big fan of ESPN or the Jets (Small White Ball)

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