I went back and looked at the Snyder video yesterday after it was mentioned in the comments. While the commentary from Mark Grace was pretty funny it just didn’t seem that bad. Snyder jumped up quickly and even stayed in the game for an inning or two. I really didn’t think it was worth posting. Until today.

The Diamondbacks have place Snyder on the 15-day disabled list with a broken left testicle. That’s right….broken….

Catcher Chris Snyder left Monday night’s game after getting hit by a foul tip in the groin area. About an hour before Tuesday’s game the Diamondbacks put him on the 15-day disabled list with a left testicular fracture.

Snyder will undergo surgery on Wednesday with Melvin hoping his return is relatively soon.

“Hopefully looking at a 15-day period, where he is back after the All-Star break,” Melvin said after the D-Backs 8-6 loss to the Brewers on Tuesday night.


Okay I’m nauseous. 15 days??? That’s how long it takes to recover from a broken testicle?!? You have to be kidding me. I broke my wrist once and I was in a cast for eight weeks. Snyder must be a fast healer or something. Good lord.

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