I never even knew that players had the opportunity to turn down a Preseason All-American honor from a magazine, but then again…Superman wears Tim Tebow pajamas. According to Florida Today, the quarterback apparently told his SID not to even nominate him for the skin mag’s team….

Tebow, who will attend photo shoots today for magazine covers in Sports Illustrated and The Sporting News before attending the SEC Media Days in Hoover, Ala., on Wednesday, is vocal about his deep religious convictions. His father, Bob, is a missionary. Tebow feels it could also be his calling in life, after his football career is over.

Gary Cole, senior vice president and photographer director of Playboy, e-mailed and talked with Higbee on the phone about the decision not to nominate the Gator star.

“I spoke with Gary Cole and we’re on the same page,” Higbee said.

Cole said some athletes turn down the invitation to attend the Playboy function in Phoenix honoring the team, and a photo shoot, because they don’t know all the facts.

“I don’t hate it when someone has all the facts, understands what our weekend and our history is and then chooses not to attend,” Cole told Florida Today. “I do hate it when someone bases their choice on false or incomplete information. . . . The weekend (in Phoenix) is completely wholesome. I have always brought my children whether they were one or 16 years old. It’s a really special few days when these fellows get the opportunity to meet each other and spend a little time together. Friendships are formed at these weekends that last a lifetime.”

I like that friendships line at the end. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, much like that magazine did when I was younger. That damn preseason All-American team was always getting into to my smut. It seemed/seems like a honor to be named in the magazine, and the poll is actually well respected, but I guess Tebow would be rather known for circumcising infants in the Philippines and tossing the pigskin around Congress. Good for him.

Playboy gets a ‘no’ from Tebow (Florida Today)