I have no idea why Tiki Barber would be so animated in regards Donovan McNabb, but he certainly was during an interview with the Bloomberg show, “On The Ball”. Barber sat down with the hosts of the show (airing November 22nd), and called McNabb’s misunderstanding of the rule “indefensible” and that he would, “live to regret it for a long time”….

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb’s misunderstanding of the National Football League’s overtime rules is “indefensible” and may have hurt his team’s playoff chances, former NFL running back Tiki Barber said.

McNabb said after the Eagles’ 13-13 tie yesterday in Cincinnati that he didn’t know the NFL’s regular-season rule that if neither team scored during a 15-minute overtime period, the game would end in a tie.

“That’s an indefensible comment that he made,” Barber, now a commentator for NBC Sports, said in an interview that will air Nov. 22 on Bloomberg’s “On the Ball” radio program. “He will live to regret it for a long time.”

According to Pro Football Talk, in an un-aired portion of the same interview, Donovan even stated that he’d, “Hate to see what happens in a Super Bowl or [I’d] hate to see what happens in the playoffs, to settle with a tie.”

And while that statement is just downright dumb, and almost unfathomable, Tiki’s comments make no sense. It’s not like McNabb wasn’t trying to win the game in the first overtime. They were trying to throw the ball down the field as time ran out, but McNabb just couldn’t find anyone. Now if Tiki said that Donovan’s play and three interceptions might cost them a Playoff spot, that would make sense. But to say that his misunderstanding the rule hurt his team in anyway is just wrong.

Sure it was (and still is) idiotic, but it didn’t cost the Eagles their season.

Barber Calls McNabb’s Mistaking of NFL Tie Rule `Indefensible’ (Bloomberg News)

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