Tiki Barber was oddly quiet the past week. He had that awkward interview with Eli Manning in the tunnel following the game and then nothing. Well now he’s coming out and saying that he’s happy for them and that he knows he “helped a lot of guys on that team”. Seriously….

“I feel great joy for them because I know in a lot of ways I helped a lot of guys on that team,” Barber said. “I know Brandon was someone who benefited from me being there; even criticizing someone is a way of getting them to think about themselves.”

Are you serious?!? Come on Tiki….even someone with the biggest ego couldn’t possibly begin to believe that crap. I can understand being happy for the guys, but saying you helped is beyond ridiculous.

So there you have it folks. It was his plan all along. It wasn’t to try and make a splash in the media and to make a name for himself. No it was to motivate his former teammates. You are a special one Tiki…I can’t wait until next year.

For Barber and Giants, a Parting, Then an Embrace (NY Times)

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