It’s been awhile since we’ve had a Tiki Barber update in these parts. It was mainly because I couldn’t stand the guy, and I thought his role on NBC was transparent and annoying, but he also hasn’t really made waves the way he did in the past. Sure there was the whole Olympics “see you in Toledo” moment, but he hasn’t provided fodder in terms of the NFL in over a year.

Which leads us to today. Tiki and Eli Manning have made up! Hallelujah!!!

“It cleared the air for everybody else who think Eli and I are still at each other’s throats,” Barber yesterday told The Post. “He actually laughed about it.”

The “it,” of course, was the line the recently-retired Barber threw out there last summer, calling the young Manning’s leadership ability “comical at times.” Manning, with the most pointed comments he’s ever made, immediately shot back at Barber, who now says comical was “too strong a word.”

Tiki wants to chat with Tom Coughlin.

“I’m trying to do an interview with him this week,” Barber said. “Put the emphasis on ‘trying to.’ I know there’s no shot, but we’ll see.”

Yeah I don’t know about that one. When you say that your coach was “out coached”, in an NFC Championship game, but I guess anything can happen. As far as Eli goes, you can expect talk of him to reach Peyton levels on NBC now.

Barber, Eli Clear The Air (NY Post)

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